victorian lemonade, with ginger & herbal extract £3.50
wild english elderflower £4
botanic lab teas
(all £6.50)
cannabidoil w/sour cherry & hibiscus
green tea w/yuzu & citrus
damiana w/grapefruit & thyme
yerba mate w/jalepeno, lemongrass & ginger
white port & tonic £6.50
fortified douro valley white wine, tonic, citrus
rum & ginger £6.50
dark rum, ginger beer, angostura, lime
ti-punch £7.50
rhum agricole, pure cane syrup, lime
negroni £8
gin, campari, martini rosso, orange
old fashioned £8.50
rye whiskey, cane sugar, angostura, orange
tommy’s margarita £8.50
tequila bianco, agave syrup, lime
beer & cider
all £4.5 except where stated; subject to availability
freedom helles lager
camden town pils
wheat beer
camden town, lemon & bergamot
redchurch brewery, tartlette
pale ale
five points
india pale ale
bbno, session or full strength
dark & red
five points red ale
cider £4/20
cidre breton
cyril zang (750ml)
espadin £7
earthy, fruity, herbal
especial £12
silky and complex. made from espadin, madrecuishe, bicuishe and mezicano
sake (100 ml)
daigo no shizuku £8.50
deep golden colour, intense, refined, yellow fruits
mii no umeshu, inoue gomei £9
ten year aged sake, offering complexity, and elegance, which has been infused with barely ripe Japanese plums, offering an unctuous, yet restrained and refreshing sweetness
katori 90 namagen, terada honke £9.50
clear, bright, diamond like precision, refracting a prism of fruity and beguiling flavours
mukai shuzo, ine mankai £10
made from red rice, which gives it a luscious, red fruit flavour profile. think of it as a rosé sake
taiko no izanai £11
coastal sake made using real sea water, unfiltered, undiluted, unctuous and complex with a faint of saline edge
cask islay £7
dry, oily, toffee, juicy barley and a rich peat smoke
stronachie 10 yrs £7
soft honey, biscuits, earthy heather, malty sweetness
macduff 8yrs £8
creamy vanilla pastries on the nose. then ground almonds and cinnamon. smooth finish
tamnavulin 8 yrs £9
fizzy on the tongue with white grape and a trace of lime. crisp and clean. pepper and nutmeg
balmenach 7 yrs £11
dark chocolate, nutmeg, chilli, lingering black pepper
glen spey 25 yrs £18
a gentle chalky texture with citrus. then bitter orange with a black pepper
pet nats & sparkling
casa coste piane, prosecco (veneto) £6.50/30
domaine plageoles, mauzac nature (gaillac) £35
camillo donati, malvasia (emilia-romagna) £35
le botossay, puppet nat (anjou) £40
agrapart, terroirs (champagne) £70
skin contact whites & rosé
les terres promises, "l'apostrophe" (provence) £6.5/£30
brendan tracey, rue de la soif (loire) £35
tenuta grillo, baccabianca (piedmont) £40
monteforche, cassiara (veneto) £40
occhipinti, SP68 (sicily) £40
le casot de mailloles, rosé de zata (banyuls) £40
house white £5/25
léon boesch, la cabane (alscace) £6.50/30
la biancara, sassaia (veneto) £7/35
la sénéchalière, folle blanche (nantes) £35
erich andert, gemischter satz (austria) £40
pierre frick, riesling (alscace) £40
house red £5/25
monte dall’ora (valpolicella) £6/28
les roches seches, les essards (loire) £6.50/30
les roc des anges, segna de cor (roussillon) £7/£35
coulee d’ambrosia, le boit sans soif (anjou) £35
les foulards rouge, octobre (roussillon) £35
nicolas carmarans, maximus (aveyron) £40
vini viti vinci, coulanges vineuse (burgundy) £40
les cailloux du paradis, l’icaunais (gascon) £45
jean foillard, fleurie (beaujolais) £50
jean-pierre robinot, lumiere des sens (loire) £50
domaine plageoles, mauzac nature (gaillac) £75
radikon, oslavje 1l (friuli) £75
henri milan, le clos 2005 (provence) £100